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 Website:  www.crowdpicks.com

Interview with: Jeff Murnane

How many founders does Crowdpicks have and what are there names? Lotrisone For Sale, Two founders, myself, Jeff Murnane, & my business partner Cassius AlmeidaWhat are the founders' backgrounds and qualifications?

We both worked at TD Ameritrade for over 10 years.  I was director of Competitive Intelligence inside the business strategy area and Cassius was a director in Product Development.  Many of the current trading tools at TD Ameritrade, Cassius invented.  Many also were eventually patented by TD Ameritrade. Discount Lotrisone, What does your website do? 

It's a sports social network where members build their sports credibility through picking games.  Our picking engine goes a little further than most sites however as you make an exact score prediction, not just a winner.  We then aggregate the score predictions to come up with a consensus score.  We also allow members access to this pick data where they can filter out different levels of member accuracy to get a smarter aggregate prediction, about Lotrisone. Order Lotrisone from mexican pharmacy, When did you launch? 

August 2007

Has it been easy or hard building your community?

Both.  We knew going in that we could build the technology.  We also knew that the hardest part would be building the community.  However, we are seeing faster growth than we initially predicted, buy Lotrisone online cod. What is Lotrisone, What types of marketing do you do? 

Not much.  We have some banner ads floating around out there and we've had a few press releases, but nothing major as of yet.  We plan on changing this and marketing more extensively in 2008Do you have any revenue streams besides advertisement, Lotrisone blogs. Buy cheap Lotrisone, Who is your ad provider?

Just ad revenue at this point and only using Google adsense currentlyFunding: Self funded, Angel Investment, my Lotrisone experience, Lotrisone price, or Venture Capital?

100% self fundedAre you looking for more funding? 

Yes, currently we are pitching several firms in an attempt to acquire outside capital, online buying Lotrisone hcl.

What is your favorite feature on your site? 

The trophies, Lotrisone For Sale. Lotrisone trusted pharmacy reviews, They were put in almost as an afterthought, but they quickly became very addictive for our members.  Members can earn unique trophies for reaching certain achievements.  the size of ones trophy case quickly became a bragging point.  After that I will say that our revenue sharing program which hasn't been implemented yet, buy Lotrisone from mexico, Is Lotrisone safe, will probably become the most unique and exciting feature on the site.  this should be out early 2008.
Any bold predictions for sports and technology in the future?

I see the convergence of different medias as a greatly unexplored opportunity.  As TV and the web continue to grow together, herbal Lotrisone, Purchase Lotrisone online, along with mobile devices, I think that you will start to see the fan's role become even more interactive with their favorite teams and players, Lotrisone australia, uk, us, usa. Lotrisone without prescription, STN's Take:

We have actually already featured 2 pick/social network sites called The Fan Yard and Picktastic and we feel that Crowd Picks has similar options but does a better job of providing more action on their site.  They have a solid profile page and places to submit news, submit videos, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Lotrisone forum, and write a blog.  We also like the Crowd Filter option which allows you to find the consensus predictions and there are also ways to filter out certain things as well. Unfortunately Crowd Picks user interface and design is not nearly as good as the other two sites.  Although the trophies look good, buy cheap Lotrisone no rx, Effects of Lotrisone, the rest of the site has an old school feel to it.  Check it out and let us know what you think. Lotrisone online cod. Lotrisone dangers. Fast shipping Lotrisone. Lotrisone results. Order Lotrisone no prescription. Lotrisone canada, mexico, india. Lotrisone brand name. Cheap Lotrisone. Lotrisone class. Online Lotrisone without a prescription. Lotrisone for sale. Order Lotrisone from United States pharmacy. Lotrisone from canadian pharmacy. Lotrisone gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

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Website: www.thefanyard.com

Interview With: Rick Perreault

How many founders does The Fan Yard have have and what are their names? Tindamax For Sale, TheFanYard.com was founded by Rick Perreault, Justin Stacey, and Blake Butterfield. Purchase Tindamax, What are the founders background and qualifications?

Blake Butterfield, FanYard Community Manager, Tindamax mg, Purchase Tindamax online, is an avid sports writer and blogger, with several years in customer support with Bodog Entertainment, Tindamax used for. Tindamax cost, His customer support experience coupled with his thorough knowledge of football makes him ideal for day-to-day communication with the FanYard user base. In addition to maintaining the FanYard blog, where can i find Tindamax online, Tindamax dose, Blake writes daily at the Fannation.com where he maintains a very popular blog.

Justin Stacey, order Tindamax online overnight delivery no prescription, Buy Tindamax without prescription, Director Product Development, has 15 years experience in interactive media, Tindamax steet value. He has developed a thorough expertise in user interface design and usability issues for a variety of interactive digital media, as well as a solid understanding of software development technologies with a focus on AJAX and Ruby on Rails, Tindamax For Sale. After Tindamax, Justin has created innovative web-based solutions for such high profile clients as Bodog Entertainment, BC Lotteries Corporation, Tindamax coupon, Get Tindamax, CTV News, Ipsos Reid, Tindamax street price, Buy cheap Tindamax no rx, and Nortel.

Rick Perreault, Tindamax pics, Herbal Tindamax, Company President, Rick began his career in interactive media in the 90s as a Web Designer/Developer, order Tindamax online c.o.d. Online buying Tindamax, This led him to Bluezone as a Sr. Interaction Designer where he lead a variety of news and sports related projects for web, buy Tindamax online no prescription, Tindamax treatment, Interactive TV and mobile. Tindamax For Sale, He then lead the sports initiative at Rainmaker Interactive as a User Experience Strategist. This landed him at Riptown Media/Bodog Entertainment as a Creative Director where he grew and lead a team of product designers, discount Tindamax, Cheap Tindamax no rx, developers and creative marketers and spearheaded the development of a variety of successful online gaming and entertainment properties.

What does your website do?

TheFanYard.com is a sports social network with a purpose, my Tindamax experience. Australia, uk, us, usa, All our activity is centered around having members make predictions on who they think will win a matchup and by how many points. FanYard then aggregates all the predictions for each game and publishes the Yardstick - the community consensus of who will win and by how many points, real brand Tindamax online. This is significant because outside of the individual expert opinions, there is no tool that sports media can use to quote the favorite as predicted by Fans, Tindamax For Sale. Tindamax use, While some media use the point-spread as an indication of the favorite, this is both inaccurate, buy cheap Tindamax, Order Tindamax from mexican pharmacy, as the spread is set to split the betting public in half and not an indication of the favorite, and controversial in the US, about Tindamax, Tindamax reviews, because of its relationship to sports gambling. FanYard hopes to become the definitive barometer of public opinion on predicting the outcome of games, buy Tindamax without a prescription. Tindamax over the counter, When did you launch?

TheFanYard.com launched as a public beta on August 28th of 2007 with Pro and College Football and have since added NBA and Collage Basketball.

Has it been easy or difficult to build your community?

It's been mixed, Tindamax dosage. Tindamax For Sale, Those who are using FanYard use it a lot and have developed an active community, but we've yet to get the traffic needed to build critical mass. Tindamax images, Additionally, because of the unique nature of what we are doing, many people have commented that they think FanYard is somehow related to sports gambling or fantasy football, a perception that we need to address. Truthfully, we are still very early in the game so ask me this question again in a year.
What types of marketing have you done?

Very little paid marketing to date as we have focused on PR, blog and forum posting, and some PPC on sports sites like ESPN. Our resources have been focused on user experience. It is our thinking that once we have our users on mass inviting their friends, we'll know that we've achieved a point in which our product is ready for mass market and we will then look at investing resources into marketing initiatives, Tindamax For Sale.
Do you have any revenue streams besides advertisement. Who is your ad provider?

Our ad provider is RallyAd. We have additional revenue streams planned for the future.

Funding: Self funded, Angel Investment, or Venture Capital?

We are currently founder funded.

Are you currently looking for funding?


What is your favorite feature on your site? Tindamax For Sale, The Yardstick. I like to check the site before the start of each NFL game and see what the Yardstick is. Provides some extra excitement for me while I'm watching NFL, especially on the occasions where the Yardstick turns out to be dead on.

What type(s) of technology do you use?

We've developed the site using Ruby on Rails and AJAX.

Any bold predictions for sports and technology in the future?

I think technology is moving us closer to "my interest on demand" and sports will no doubt benefit. We are already seeing more and more niche sites like the FanYard that are highly focused on one topic or purpose, Tindamax For Sale. I think this has been made possible by the likes of MySpace and Facebook having successfully gotten millions of average people involved in some sort of online activity. Now those people are going to seek out communities focused on very specific topics of interest.

STN's Take:

This site has an amazing look and feel. If we are looking to create a new site, we know we are coming to Justin and Rick first. Tindamax For Sale, The User-Interface makes the website very easy to navigate through making your picks and updating your profile. We like that they take a consensus of everyones picks and give what the site thinks each team will win by. At first we thought these numbers would be close to the point spread but they really aren't.

There are some things we would do different with the site. First, we believe the point system favors luck way too much. If one picks the points exactly right you get 100 pts and if you pick one point off, you only get 10.  We know a decent amount about picking games and people who in general can pick pretty close to the points should be rewarded more then someone who picks right on every once in a while, Tindamax For Sale. Second, we believe the Yard Stick is biased because of all the people that are predicting the points on their favorite teams.  We have friends that always pick their team no matter what. The best way to take care of this would be to require each person that signs up to choose their favorite team in each sport. Then when figuring out the Yard Stick just throw out each person's favorite team prediction.

All in all we believe The Yard Stick has solid potential and for anyone who likes to pick games but doesn't like the gambling aspect, this is a great site to use.

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