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Interview with: Dan Myers

How many founders does Free the Fan have and what are there names?

Founders: Dan Myers and Derek Tabacco Nasonex For Sale, What are the founders' backgrounds and qualifications. Australia, uk, us, usa,

Dan Myers: Worked in television and media industry for the last 10 years. Myers has held roles in both marketing and programming for numerous television networks and studios including Starz Movie Channels, doses Nasonex work, Nasonex photos, Disney, Warner Bros., Nasonex brand name, Comprar en línea Nasonex, comprar Nasonex baratos, HDNet, NBC Sports, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Nasonex dangers, SportsNet New York, MSG, Nasonex from canadian pharmacy, Nasonex maximum dosage, and other various regional sports networks. Myers experience in Sports programming and Marketing along with recent work in New Media led him to develop a next generation social network for sports fans, order Nasonex from United States pharmacy. Generic Nasonex, Derek Tabacco: At, Tabacco has helped to create a two unique software platforms, Nasonex canada, mexico, india, Nasonex without a prescription, The Matador and Equity Finance Exchange Trader. is one of the world's first electronic securities lending portals that modernizes and simplifies the Securities Finance Industry, Nasonex For Sale. Tabacco has used his technological resources and his love of sports to bring Free The Fan to life, Nasonex no prescription. Discount Nasonex, What does your website do? is a competitive social community for sports fans. We offer Quick Picks, where can i cheapest Nasonex online, Where can i buy cheapest Nasonex online, intuitive fantasy games that eliminate time consuming drafts and trades by enabling users to compete on a level playing field. Free The Fan empowers fans to share their opinions on the hottest topics in sports with videos, Nasonex wiki, Nasonex cost, blogs and debate topics. Nasonex For Sale, Fans compete for prizes by winning Quick Picks games or by scoring participation points in the community.
When did you launch?

March 2007

Has it been easy or hard to build your community?

Our community has been at times easy to build, where can i order Nasonex without prescription, Rx free Nasonex, however maintaining an active audience of users can be difficult. We have enhanced the user experience over time to grow with our audience and their needs, ordering Nasonex online. Buy Nasonex without prescription, There are basically two types of users, passive and active, Nasonex street price. Purchase Nasonex for sale, Your feature set has to appeal not only to those persons that will try out all the bells and whistles but also to those who just want to stand back and take it all in. Just because someone likes sports doesn't mean that they will actively upload videos or post a rant about this weekend's game, Nasonex For Sale. You have to find a group of users that will actively contribute to the community then the others will be enticed to drop in to see what's going on, Nasonex treatment. Nasonex trusted pharmacy reviews, What types of marketing do you do?

We create a 30 minute television program on SportsNet NY. In this weekly sports report we cover the greater NY area High School Sports scene, buy generic Nasonex, Buying Nasonex online over the counter, driving young sports fans to our community. We also do SEM through google and yahoo, Nasonex dosage.

Nasonex For Sale, Do you have any revenue streams besides advertisement. Low dose Nasonex, Who is your ad provider?

Our advertising is through ValueClick and Google. We also sell sponsorships of our games and contests, no prescription Nasonex online, Where can i find Nasonex online, such as with current prize partner,, my Nasonex experience. Online buy Nasonex without a prescription, We are actively building partnerships with other sports websites that would like to utilize our Quick Picks Fantasy platform.

Funding: Self funded, Angel Investment, or Venture Capital?


Are you looking for more funding?

Yes, We would like to raise new capital to build out our core infrastructure, further develop our game applications and create partnerships with other sports portals and media companies.

What is your favorite feature on your site?

Quick Picks fantasy games were developed after we launched based upon a problem we wanted to solve in the space, Nasonex For Sale. We felt that many people lost interest in fantasy leagues when points got lopsided or injuries decimated teams, so we created a proprietary platform to provide a new form of fantasy gaming. This "social" component of Quick Picks allows users to interact with friends while competing for weekly prizes. It takes just 2:00 minutes to play, but choosing your team is a whole new challenge.
Any bold predictions for sports and technology in the future. Nasonex For Sale, The mobile space is still largely untapped. The Web 2.0 era has ushered in many new applications, features and communities however this has yet to truly be carried out across multiple devices. Wireless carriers are opening up for more expansion with mobile applications such as the upcoming developer's kit for Iphone and the Google Android SDK. I think that the question for any technology company is how you can create unique applications that take advantage of the platforms that people use most frequently. I think you will see the simplicity of the web 2.0 user interface be carried out by savvy companies into the mobile and gaming space. We must deliver the experience when the users want it, where they want it, Nasonex For Sale. Applications must be tight, intuitive and fun. You are competing for attention with a myriad of other forms of entertainment and distractions.

STN's Take:

While creating an account with Free the Fan we found the user interface to be very easy to use. We like how it was really simple to build out a profile by just clicking the boxes. Nasonex For Sale, The one thing they didn't have when we set up was a tool that allowed them to invite all our contacts in our email address by typing in our username and password. We really think this is a must have for all social networks. If you get a person that signs up for Free the Fan and is really psyched about it, you need to give the person the tools to reach as many people at once.

The sports social network space is extraordinary crowded space at the moment. We have already covered 9 sports social networks on this site. Like I have said before when a social network is launched it needs a community to launch with it, Nasonex For Sale. Friends and family aren't enough. We like that they are trying to involve the high school aspect as one can see by viewing this video: We think this is their best asset and they need to use it to their advantage. They need to market some type of contest and get the word out to the high school players. If they have the money, maybe paying the players a small amount of money to use the site for a month might be a good idea as well.

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Interview with: Stephan Maric

How many founders does Efans have and what are their names? Accutane For Sale, eFans has one founder and my name is Stephan Maric.

What are the founders' backgrounds and qualifications?

I'm 25 years old and from Croatia, online buying Accutane hcl. Where to buy Accutane, I'm a huge sports and music fan. I have an BA in Business Administration from Barcelona Business School and I also did a professional designation in marketing at University of California, Accutane trusted pharmacy reviews, Accutane reviews, Los Angeles.
What does your website do? is a revolutionary social network for sports fans, Accutane no prescription. It is based on networks made up by teams and athletes from all over the world, Accutane For Sale. Accutane australia, uk, us, usa, Following such an idea every team and athlete can create an online community and connect with fans. There is already more then 1, where can i order Accutane without prescription, What is Accutane, 000 networks including Tiger Woods, Manchester United and Maria Sharapova, Accutane forum. After Accutane, You can also create personal pages, team and athlete pages, Accutane use, Accutane recreational, share photos, upload videos from YouTube, Accutane steet value, Accutane treatment, get latest news, live scores, online buying Accutane, Accutane from canadian pharmacy, post blogs and obviously meet fans from around the world.

When did you launch?

We launched on September 13, Accutane from canada, Accutane results, 2007.

How do you plan on building your community? Accutane For Sale, We plan to build our community using different types of marketing and public relations.

What types of marketing do you utilize?

eFans will mostly use Guerrilla marketing, effects of Accutane, Australia, uk, us, usa, have a team of people that is going to be present at some of the most famous sports events worldwide. With that we'll also focus a lot on online marketing, buy Accutane online cod. Accutane samples, Do you have any revenue streams besides advertisement. Who is your ad provider?

We just had first ads on our website which is very significant, Accutane without a prescription. Our providers are Google AdSense and AdBrite, Accutane For Sale. Buy no prescription Accutane online, Funding: Self funded, Angel Investment, purchase Accutane online, Accutane interactions, or Venture Capital?

It was self funded, I mean I had to borrow some money from my family and friends to make eFans happen, Accutane mg. Accutane pics, I hope I'll pay them back soon:)

Are you looking for more funding?

Yes, we are looking for investors, ordering Accutane online. Accutane dangers, We are pretty close to finalize a great deal with one of the best VC's in the world.
What is your favorite feature on your site?

My favorite feature by far is that users can enter networks of their idols and favorite teams, Accutane for sale. Accutane For Sale, It' something new and I love it. Accutane coupon, To be connected with all Ronaldinho fans was always my dream.

Any bold predictions for sports and technology in the future?

Great question:) I think it will just get better for us, Accutane over the counter, Accutane blogs, sports fans. With websites such is YouTube, comprar en línea Accutane, comprar Accutane baratos, eFans, ESPN and Sportstechnow for sure the future looks great.

STN's Take:

eFans is a well designed social network. We like how it is centered around teams and athletes, Accutane For Sale. All sports social networks should pretty much be designed that way. Any options you could ever want for a social network are there. You can blog, add videos, discuss sports in the forum, and so on. It looks like when Stephan did his initial push of the site, people joined and it made some traction but the site seems to be a bit stale now. Accutane For Sale, Like we have said in the past, when you build a social network these days, unless it is completely unique and different, you need to have an underlying network of people to help make it viral. A sports social network is definitely not unique and different.

A few suggestions for Stephan. The first is to eliminate the full page pop up Adbrite ad. Once we created our account, it was the first thing we saw. We can not stress this enough. Full page pop up ads are terrible when you are trying to build a user base. The second suggestion would be to have a spot for people to import contacts and invite people when they are signing up. People are more likely to invite there friends when they sign up then after.

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Interview With: Oleg Gustol

Inderal For Sale, How many founders does have X3M people have and what are their names.

There are two - Oleg Gutsol and Ruslan Doroshenko, what is Inderal. Buy Inderal online cod, What made you start X3M?

X3M People started from my idea that there are many people sharing the same passion for a particular sport or activity but they are disconnected, and they would like to connect to similar-minded people, Inderal trusted pharmacy reviews. Inderal without prescription, Then, in February of 2007 I joined forces with Ruslan Doroshenko to launch site, Inderal dose. Inderal recreational, Ruslan is everything to do with technology on this start-up - setting up servers, dealing with hosting companies, Inderal schedule, Online buying Inderal hcl, providing guidance in terms of development.

I set the direction in which we are going and also do coding, mainly due to the lack of human resources at this stage, Inderal For Sale.

What are the founders background and qualifications?

I am a former developer and integration department lead of Instaclick, rx free Inderal. Buy no prescription Inderal online, This is where I met Ruslan Doroshenko, who is currently a senior systems architect there, order Inderal from United States pharmacy. Buy Inderal online no prescription, I have quit my fulltime job at Instaclick to dedicate myself fully to X3M People.

What does your website do?

X3M People serves as a connection with the people who enjoy certain sports and activities, Inderal wiki, Cheap Inderal no rx, who like to travel and discover the world, and those who simply would like to know what is out there that they can do, Inderal pics. Inderal For Sale, X3M People offers user profiles, picture galleries, personal messaging, people search, activities, locations and adventures search. Inderal brand name, It aims to be the social network and the information resource for active people and thrill seekers.

Last week we rolled out a Facebook application - X3M People which offers functionality over the popular social network and in the future will be enhanced with all the new features of X3M People website, Inderal no prescription. Inderal price, When did you launch?

We launched a private beta in May 2007 and a public beta in September 2007.
Has it been easy or difficult to build your community?

Building a community always takes time, Inderal dosage. So far we had some challenges in terms of getting our message out there, mostly due to limited budget for marketing, Inderal For Sale. Discount Inderal, At a certain point - once the service we offer gets viral, these will diminish, Inderal steet value. Inderal description, What types of marketing have you done?

We leveraged some existing social networks out there, SEO, buy cheap Inderal, Fast shipping Inderal, paid advertisement.
Do you have any revenue streams besides advertisement, Inderal use. Inderal no rx, Who is your ad provider?

At this point - no. Inderal For Sale, There are no plans to having paid subscriptions in the future - we believe that the service should be free for everyone to use. The main goal is to make it useful for people, Inderal long term. Purchase Inderal, Our ads are AdSense at this moment.
Funding: Self funded, herbal Inderal, Inderal for sale, Angel Investment, or Venture Capital?

X3M People was self funded from the start, Inderal from canada, Inderal pharmacy, but we are looking for investors now - both angels and venture capital.

What is your favorite feature on your site?

The favorite, Inderal without a prescription, Low dose Inderal, the main, and the most useful is the search by activities and locations, Inderal cost. What cool stuff you have done, want to do, or can do and where you can do it, Inderal For Sale.

What type(s) of technology do you use?

The site is built using PHP/MySQL, hosted on a mac server.

Any bold predictions for sports and technology in the future?

This is an interesting one. I see internet technology blending seamlessly with every aspect of our lives in the next 10 years. Just take a look at how things like iPhone, free wifi networks, Open Social, Facebook, RSS and many others transform our perception of what is possible. Inderal For Sale, Our lifes and our activities, including sports, will be reflected online - it will be quite transparent.
Any advice for a young entrepreneur looking to start his own website?

If you think you got a great idea, a killer app in mind, the next big thing - just sit down and do it. You will need some technical background of course, but this is just the base - the rest is your creativity, your ability to challenge the ordinary, your hard work and passion for what you are doing.

STN's Take:

X3M is a very easy to use site.  The design is nothing to write home about but it is extremely simple and we can navigate through the network pretty easily.  Like 99% of the social networks startups out there though, there needs to be more people and content.  We really like the "Adventures" part.  It shows cool new stuff or trips that people have done.  As more people get on there it will be a great tool for people looking for new adventures to do.

My only suggestion for X3M is to try and form strategic partnerships.  It is nearly impossible to start a social network without an underlying base of people.  Maybe if X3M had some type of partnership with a rock climbing association or snowboard association that could help their membership a great deal.  Waiting on your network to go viral is not a good business plan.

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Interview With: Rick Perreault

How many founders does The Fan Yard have have and what are their names? Tindamax For Sale, was founded by Rick Perreault, Justin Stacey, and Blake Butterfield. Purchase Tindamax, What are the founders background and qualifications?

Blake Butterfield, FanYard Community Manager, Tindamax mg, Purchase Tindamax online, is an avid sports writer and blogger, with several years in customer support with Bodog Entertainment, Tindamax used for. Tindamax cost, His customer support experience coupled with his thorough knowledge of football makes him ideal for day-to-day communication with the FanYard user base. In addition to maintaining the FanYard blog, where can i find Tindamax online, Tindamax dose, Blake writes daily at the where he maintains a very popular blog.

Justin Stacey, order Tindamax online overnight delivery no prescription, Buy Tindamax without prescription, Director Product Development, has 15 years experience in interactive media, Tindamax steet value. He has developed a thorough expertise in user interface design and usability issues for a variety of interactive digital media, as well as a solid understanding of software development technologies with a focus on AJAX and Ruby on Rails, Tindamax For Sale. After Tindamax, Justin has created innovative web-based solutions for such high profile clients as Bodog Entertainment, BC Lotteries Corporation, Tindamax coupon, Get Tindamax, CTV News, Ipsos Reid, Tindamax street price, Buy cheap Tindamax no rx, and Nortel.

Rick Perreault, Tindamax pics, Herbal Tindamax, Company President, Rick began his career in interactive media in the 90s as a Web Designer/Developer, order Tindamax online c.o.d. Online buying Tindamax, This led him to Bluezone as a Sr. Interaction Designer where he lead a variety of news and sports related projects for web, buy Tindamax online no prescription, Tindamax treatment, Interactive TV and mobile. Tindamax For Sale, He then lead the sports initiative at Rainmaker Interactive as a User Experience Strategist. This landed him at Riptown Media/Bodog Entertainment as a Creative Director where he grew and lead a team of product designers, discount Tindamax, Cheap Tindamax no rx, developers and creative marketers and spearheaded the development of a variety of successful online gaming and entertainment properties.

What does your website do? is a sports social network with a purpose, my Tindamax experience. Australia, uk, us, usa, All our activity is centered around having members make predictions on who they think will win a matchup and by how many points. FanYard then aggregates all the predictions for each game and publishes the Yardstick - the community consensus of who will win and by how many points, real brand Tindamax online. This is significant because outside of the individual expert opinions, there is no tool that sports media can use to quote the favorite as predicted by Fans, Tindamax For Sale. Tindamax use, While some media use the point-spread as an indication of the favorite, this is both inaccurate, buy cheap Tindamax, Order Tindamax from mexican pharmacy, as the spread is set to split the betting public in half and not an indication of the favorite, and controversial in the US, about Tindamax, Tindamax reviews, because of its relationship to sports gambling. FanYard hopes to become the definitive barometer of public opinion on predicting the outcome of games, buy Tindamax without a prescription. Tindamax over the counter, When did you launch? launched as a public beta on August 28th of 2007 with Pro and College Football and have since added NBA and Collage Basketball.

Has it been easy or difficult to build your community?

It's been mixed, Tindamax dosage. Tindamax For Sale, Those who are using FanYard use it a lot and have developed an active community, but we've yet to get the traffic needed to build critical mass. Tindamax images, Additionally, because of the unique nature of what we are doing, many people have commented that they think FanYard is somehow related to sports gambling or fantasy football, a perception that we need to address. Truthfully, we are still very early in the game so ask me this question again in a year.
What types of marketing have you done?

Very little paid marketing to date as we have focused on PR, blog and forum posting, and some PPC on sports sites like ESPN. Our resources have been focused on user experience. It is our thinking that once we have our users on mass inviting their friends, we'll know that we've achieved a point in which our product is ready for mass market and we will then look at investing resources into marketing initiatives, Tindamax For Sale.
Do you have any revenue streams besides advertisement. Who is your ad provider?

Our ad provider is RallyAd. We have additional revenue streams planned for the future.

Funding: Self funded, Angel Investment, or Venture Capital?

We are currently founder funded.

Are you currently looking for funding?


What is your favorite feature on your site? Tindamax For Sale, The Yardstick. I like to check the site before the start of each NFL game and see what the Yardstick is. Provides some extra excitement for me while I'm watching NFL, especially on the occasions where the Yardstick turns out to be dead on.

What type(s) of technology do you use?

We've developed the site using Ruby on Rails and AJAX.

Any bold predictions for sports and technology in the future?

I think technology is moving us closer to "my interest on demand" and sports will no doubt benefit. We are already seeing more and more niche sites like the FanYard that are highly focused on one topic or purpose, Tindamax For Sale. I think this has been made possible by the likes of MySpace and Facebook having successfully gotten millions of average people involved in some sort of online activity. Now those people are going to seek out communities focused on very specific topics of interest.

STN's Take:

This site has an amazing look and feel. If we are looking to create a new site, we know we are coming to Justin and Rick first. Tindamax For Sale, The User-Interface makes the website very easy to navigate through making your picks and updating your profile. We like that they take a consensus of everyones picks and give what the site thinks each team will win by. At first we thought these numbers would be close to the point spread but they really aren't.

There are some things we would do different with the site. First, we believe the point system favors luck way too much. If one picks the points exactly right you get 100 pts and if you pick one point off, you only get 10.  We know a decent amount about picking games and people who in general can pick pretty close to the points should be rewarded more then someone who picks right on every once in a while, Tindamax For Sale. Second, we believe the Yard Stick is biased because of all the people that are predicting the points on their favorite teams.  We have friends that always pick their team no matter what. The best way to take care of this would be to require each person that signs up to choose their favorite team in each sport. Then when figuring out the Yard Stick just throw out each person's favorite team prediction.

All in all we believe The Yard Stick has solid potential and for anyone who likes to pick games but doesn't like the gambling aspect, this is a great site to use.

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Buy Flexeril Without Prescription


Interview with: Buy Flexeril Without Prescription, Mike Scwartz, chief architect of Sports Two.

How many founders does Sports Two have and what are their names?

SportsTwo initially had 5 founders, Purchase Flexeril, I'm not sure some want their names published. We've acquired about 6 other WWW sites and merged the content and member bases into S2 along the way, and some of the administrators/owners of those sites now have a similar role with S2, Flexeril used for.
What are the founders' backgrounds and qualifications?

I am chief architect of the site. Flexeril brand name, I manage the servers and write and install all the code. We have a CMO who focuses on driving traffic, looking at acquisitions and mergers, sells advertising, SEO optimization, and general look/feel of the site, Buy Flexeril Without Prescription.

We have two community managers who run the community and build the individual forums and drive traffic. We have a very tight staff of moderators, rx free Flexeril, global moderators, Flexeril treatment, and administrators who each have years of experience in their roles.

We have a content guy who focuses on database driven applications and presentation of statistical information.

Our other founder is an angel investor, doses Flexeril work. Buy Flexeril Without Prescription, Yes, we're looking for more investors and investment.

What does your website do?

S2 is a 2nd generation Sports WWW site, Order Flexeril online overnight delivery no prescription, centered on the community. We don't see the site as a message board, but rather as an application delivery mechanism, purchase Flexeril online. We categorize our applications in one of three categories: community, Order Flexeril from mexican pharmacy, content, and applications. Community would be the focus on the users and their generated content (e.g, Flexeril samples. message board, wiki, blogs, etc.), as well as other social networking components, Buy Flexeril Without Prescription. Content would be news feed (NOT RSS!) acquired content displayed in the form of a news/information site. Flexeril recreational, Other content we have include a sophisticated NBA salaries database (and programs to present this information) and a historical stats database. Applications would be in the form of our Pick Em contests ($100/week prizes for NFL and NCAA Football, so far), what is Flexeril, an online trivia game, Flexeril long term, and a soon to be released private messaging system. We have numerous games planned (including Fantasy Sports) to augment our current offering.

When did you launch? Buy Flexeril Without Prescription, We launched the last week of May. We currently have over 20, Flexeril pics,000 members, Flexeril no rx, nearing 2M posts (user generated content), have over 1.2M sports articles (from our newsfeeds), and typically have 120+ people online during peak periods (out of about 4, ordering Flexeril online,000 unique IPs daily). Online buying Flexeril, Has it been easy or difficult to build your community?

There have been some very interesting aspects to how we've built our community. We have members from about 6 WWW sites that we acquired and merged into the S2 platform, so we were able to get our software, buy Flexeril no prescription, presentation, Australia, uk, us, usa, and URL in front of thousands of people in short order. The merging of sites into S2 has not been without issues, and there has been some (expected) attrition in the process, low dose Flexeril, but those who have left right away tend to come back and join the community as time passes. We have thousands of members who found the site through search engines and other marketing programs we have run, as well, Buy Flexeril Without Prescription. Cheap Flexeril no rx, The most interesting thing to me has been how well all these diverse people with interests in different sports have come together and mixed as a bigger community at S2. We have some outstanding people that I'm proud to have met through the site.

What types of marketing have you done?

Some of our owners also own other sites, about Flexeril, so we've done some advertising on those and we get a good amount of traffic that way. Flexeril canada, mexico, india, Our search engine placement is outstanding, and we get a significant amount of traffic from people looking for things like "football forums." We trade links with other sites, and we get a lot of traffic that way as well, Flexeril overnight. Buy Flexeril Without Prescription, We've occasionally bought advertising as well.

In spite of these traditional internet marketing techniques, Fast shipping Flexeril, our best kind of marketing has simply been to promote good content and discussion - the content generated by the users demonstrates on our home page that we're so active a community that anywhere you post you will get a quick response. Our staff deserves a lot of credit for engaging people when they join the site.

Do you have any revenue streams besides advertisement, Flexeril mg. Who is your ad provider?

S2 has been entirely funded through advertising revenue and owner contributions. We use a variety of ad providers, and have done sponsorship deals, Buy Flexeril Without Prescription. Flexeril without prescription, Funding: Self funded, Angel Investment, or Venture Capital?

Self funded and Angel Investment, Flexeril for sale, and no VC. Buying Flexeril online over the counter, Again, we'd be very interested in raising money to add staff and features to the site faster than we're doing now.

What is your favorite feature on your site?

My favorite feature would have to be the home page, Flexeril images, though our game threads are a close second. Buy Flexeril from mexico, The home page features a number of ajax "pagelets" including one that shows members hitting the site and/or leaving without having to reload the page - this gives a great sense of the community and highlights the members. Buy Flexeril Without Prescription, The home page also features a list of the most recent activity, regardless of forum/area of interest, and that's truly helped people meet one another - unlike traditional message boards I've seen. Our members tend to reload the home page to find active discussions, regardless of sport, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. It's interesting to wake up and see that our European members have posted up a storm about Football (soccer), Buy Flexeril without prescription, and by the end of the day the home page is full of NFL, NBA, and other North American content, taking Flexeril.

Any bold predictions for sports and technology in the future?

The largest community on the Internet that I know of is Gaia Online. Flexeril results, No sports site comes close to it in terms of community and user generated content, which is a shocker since you'd think Sports has a much broader appeal than Anime. Someone's going to figure it out, and I think that someone is us :) I'm not talking about Brand, which is easy to create if you have 4 cable sports networks to promote your URL, Buy Flexeril Without Prescription.

STN's Take:

Sports Two is a solid website and you can tell by Mike's answers that he is very intelligent. The site is structured pretty well and they do a great job building a community around each professional sports team. It seems like they have been very successful at getting new users by acquiring other sites and advertising on the partner sites. Mike talks about building the next great community but I just think something is missing from the site. All of the major networks do the exact same things they are doing. To get to the next level, they need to figure out a way to separate themselves from the pack.

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Trackbacks from: Buy Flexeril Without Prescription. Buy Flexeril Without Prescription. Buy Flexeril Without Prescription. Buy Flexeril Without Prescription. Vibramycin For Sale. Effects of Amoxicillin. Where can i buy cheapest Clomid online. Australia, uk, us, usa. Ultram gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Buy Amoxicillin without a prescription.

Buy Temovate Cream Without Prescription


Interview with: Mike Downey

Buy Temovate Cream Without Prescription, How many founders does Play Coed have and what are their names.

Mike Downey, where to buy Temovate Cream, Buy Temovate Cream without a prescription, Geoff McFarlane, and Mark Lynn of Jet Companies

What are the founders' backgrounds and qualifications?

Mike Downey worked for five years in sales and business development for i-MediaWorld and TransUnion, Temovate Cream pictures. Order Temovate Cream from United States pharmacy, In 2000 he founded Denver Sport and Social Club and developed as a social networking utility, quickly allowing the business to grow to 15, buy Temovate Cream online no prescription, Temovate Cream description, 000 members in four years. In 2006 Mike sold Denver Sport and Social Club, Temovate Cream cost, Buy cheap Temovate Cream no rx, focusing the company's efforts exclusively on working with sports leagues and organizers across the nation to provide online registration and social utilities.

Geoff McFarlane played lacrosse at Syracuse and has a finance degree from the University of Denver, is Temovate Cream safe. His mentors include Scott McFarlane of and Will McFarlane founder of Clarion Hotels, Buy Temovate Cream Without Prescription. Temovate Cream from canadian pharmacy, Mark Lynn has an extensive background in private equity financing and business development.

What does your website do? allows recreational participants and league organizers to quickly manage their teams, is Temovate Cream addictive, Real brand Temovate Cream online, schedules, registration, online buying Temovate Cream hcl, Temovate Cream reviews, payments, and communication amongst, kjøpe Temovate Cream på nett, köpa Temovate Cream online. Temovate Cream dangers, In addition, players and participants connect with other players and teams, after Temovate Cream. Temovate Cream street price, When did you launch?

Alpha version launched in 2005

Beta version launched in 2006

Public version launched in 2007Has it been easy or difficult to build your community?

We have been fortunate enough to have many years experience in organizing sports and working directly with players and team captains. Buy Temovate Cream Without Prescription, That has translated into a strong connection with leagues on a national basis. Of course, Temovate Cream forum, Temovate Cream without a prescription, nothing comes without hard work and a lot of hours listening to the needs of various organizers and participants and adapting our technology and offering to them.

What types of marketing have you done?

PlayCoed has done minimal SEM, discount Temovate Cream, Temovate Cream from canada, and has focused mainly on organic marketing, relationships with league organizers, Temovate Cream photos, Purchase Temovate Cream online no prescription, and we write helpful articles on our blog at http://playsportsleagues.comDo you have any revenue streams besides advertisement. Who is your ad provider?

In addition to advertising, buy generic Temovate Cream, Temovate Cream dosage, PlayCoed charges league organizers a nominal 3% surcharge on all credit card transactions. We work directly with national and local marketing directors and / or agencies, Temovate Cream no prescription. Minimal Google advertisements also appear on the site, Buy Temovate Cream Without Prescription. Temovate Cream gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Funding: Self funded, Angel Investment, Temovate Cream wiki, Temovate Cream price, or Venture Capital?

PlayCoed has self funded the growth of the company through many hours of sweat equity, minimal capital calls from shareholders, Temovate Cream alternatives, Doses Temovate Cream work, and a small round of Angel Investment to the tune of $50,000, Temovate Cream reviews. Temovate Cream description, We have been fortunate to only invest $150,000 of our own capital, buy no prescription Temovate Cream online.
Are you currently looking for funding?

We are currently evaluating partnerships and private equity, however it is not an immediate need for the business to grow.

What is your favorite feature on your site?

Our favorite feature is the ability for team captains to recruit "free agents" within their sport, division. Buy Temovate Cream Without Prescription, Often times a team captain can find a star player who has recently moved to the area and is looking to get back into their favorite sport.

What type(s) of technology do you use?

Php, AJAX, javascript, MySQL, DHTML, and Aurigm.

Any bold predictions for sports and technology in the future?

We feel three years from now there will be one major player in recreational sports social networking , controlling over 75% of the niche marketplace, accounting for over one million participants worldwide and. There are many functions and features on the horizon that will help these players manage their recreational sports such as player membership cards, RFID technology, text messaging, and discounts on sporting goods and other sports specific products and merchandise.

STN's Take:

Play Coed provides many great things to recreation organizers. Here is the list:

  • Intuitive Administrative Menus
  • Management Modules & Tools
  • Post Events, Leagues, Tournaments, Trips, Classes, and more
  • Accept online registration
  • Automate Schedule Generation
  • Post waivers and allow participants to agree to waiver online
  • Post scores and statistics
  • Cancellation notices & weather updates
  • Financial accounting, budgeting, and /reporting tools
  • Accept Online Payments
  • Recruit, assign, and pay independent contractors / officials
I have a large amount of experience in this space. What Play Coed is providing to Sport and Social Club organizers is amazing, especially since they are only charging a nominal 3% transaction fee. In regards to participants, the Play Coed website is a great resource to find recreational leagues in your area especially if you are new to a community.

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