What is the name of your website? Sports TechNow: www.sportstechnow.com Is their more then one founder? Yes What is your name? We choose to be remained nameless at this point If Anonymous, Why? (Please be as detailed as possible) One of our founders works remotely for a Sports Technology company and he doesn't believe his company thinks he could handle running this website and his job even though he still spends 50 hours a week on his job. What is your background and qualifications? Out of college one of our founders got into sales. When he started in sports, he was director of ticket sales for a minor league baseball team and now he works for a sports technology company. What does your website do or provide? Sports Tech Now is a website that brings the business, technology, and the innovation of sport to one site. Our goal is to make Sports Tech Now the number one destination for people looking for new and interesting things in the world of sports online. Currently we run 2 Sports Blogs but will not divulge those yet. Where are you located? San Francisco, CA Funding: Self funded, Angel Investment, or Venture Capital? Self funded Are you currently looking for funding at this time? No, but given the right situation anything is possible What is your goal with this website? To bring the best information about new sports websites to one place and make this a full time job. Any bold predictions for Sports and Technology in the future? As the internet age of sports fans get older and the younger ones come on the scene, we obviously see a shift from print media to online media. What we also see is a large shift to people wanting their information how they want it and when they want it. Sports blogs and new web 2.0 websites are perfect examples. Thus we created this website because we see the sports world online blowing up in the next 10 years even more then it has done in the last 10.