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Website: OnePlaybook

Interview With: Brian Manning

Buy Reglan Without Prescription, Is their more then one founder. Generic Reglan, If so, who are they?

Yes, buy cheap Reglan, Reglan long term, while Brian Manning is the principal employee and primary founder, Chris Klaiber is another founder of OnePlaybook, after Reglan. Reglan photos, What is your background and qualifications?

As a former college football player, I saw how coaches could benefit from some emerging technologies.  After leaving college, buy Reglan from canada, Reglan pharmacy, I worked as an Internet Consultant for small insurance companies prior to working on my own on OnePlaybook and doing freelance and contract web design and development.

What does your website do?

OnePlaybook is a coach's team management application.  That sounds pretty broad, discount Reglan, What is Reglan, and that's because OnePlaybook has a broad range of features.  Coaches can draw plays for their players, post announcements, purchase Reglan online no prescription, Reglan pics, share videos, upload documents, cheap Reglan, Reglan cost, to name a few things.  It's a central repository for any information that a coach would want to give his players.  The idea was to make sure that a coach never has to physically hand a player anything besides his equipment.

How do you generate revenue, where can i find Reglan online. If through ads, what ad network do you use?

Right now, all of the revenue is through paid subscriptions.  There is a free version among the variety of packages available for teams, and currently there are no ads on any of those versions, Buy Reglan Without Prescription. Reglan reviews, How have your marketed your site?

At this point, it has been mostly been through referrals and direct selling, Reglan blogs, Australia, uk, us, usa, though with an updated release of OnePlaybook in August, there are packages designed to fit any budget and many sports are supported, Reglan steet value, Order Reglan online c.o.d, so our marketing efforts are beginning to broaden.

Funding: Self funded, Reglan recreational, Reglan mg, Angel Investment, or Venture Capital?

Self-Funded, online buying Reglan, No prescription Reglan online, though things could change.

Are You currently looking for funding?

We are not pursuing funding at this time, Reglan natural, Reglan coupon, though offers would be entertained.

What type(s) of technology do you use?

OnePlaybook is built on a foundation of ASP.Net and Microsoft SQL.  There is also an exensive use of Javascript and Flash in addition to Flash video.  Finally, Reglan maximum dosage, Reglan no prescription, there is also a Desktop Video Conversion program that takes video and converts it to flash video to make uploading and viewing the video faster and easier.
What is your favorite feature on your website?

Personally, is Reglan safe, Where can i buy Reglan online, I like the ability to attach video to plays that are drawn online.  This gives players yet another avenue to learn the gameplan and play schemes.  Though, the coaches I talk to often enjoy the ease and simplicity of having everything in one place, about Reglan, Reglan forum, as well as knowing that that one place is secure - no one can leave their playbook lying out in the lockerroom anymore.

Any Bold Predictions for Sports and Technology in the future?

Sports are a pretty old school arena, doses Reglan work, Order Reglan online overnight delivery no prescription, especially in the area of coaching.  While in the professional levels, coaches can keep up with current trends and the most recent technology, online buy Reglan without a prescription, Order Reglan from mexican pharmacy, many colleges and high schools do not have the resources or support to do that.  People in business may talk about the paperless office, but never in sports.  OnePlaybook aims to change that and allow coaches to go digital.

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  1. Brian Manning Says:

    Thanks for the write-up. There is even more information about OnePlaybook, including a demonstration video of the sports software and screenshots of the online software.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

  2. James Says:

    Hi, I found your blog on this new directory of WordPress Blogs at I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, i duno. Anyways, I just clicked it and here I am. Your blog looks good. Have a nice day. James.

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