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Buy Armour Without Prescription, Soon the new Oklahoma City NBA team will be releasing their new name.  We decided here at SportsTechNow to do a little research on the most obvious domain names if the Oklahoma City team would be called the Outlaws.

Here are the names we came up with: (Domain Squatter) (Forwards to but flashes Yahoo Sports first)(Update 7/8/2008: Now Forwards to an Ebay Auction.  Our advice is don't bid on it, kjøpe Armour på nett, köpa Armour online. Armour photos, Update 7/9/2008: Ebay auction has been taken down and now forwards to a Godaddy premium domain for $5000.  Our advice obviously is don't buy it.) (Domain Squatter) (Domain Squatter) (Domain Squatter) and is owned by someone named Brian Campbell, is owned by someone named Brandon Cecil but the domain now refers to Yahoo so one can only think that Yahoo Sports just purchased the name.  Besides that, buy Armour online cod, Taking Armour, the real interesting part is that and is owned privately in Bellevue, WA, Armour online cod. Armour for sale, Now this could all mean nothing but what are the odds that 2 of these domains would be owned privately in a city right next to Seattle.  We have emails out to Brian Campbell and Brandon Cecil to see if they have been contacted about their domain names.  If they have already been contacted, they probably won't reply as  we are sure the NBA will make them sign something that says not to discuss anything, Armour dosage. Armour results, We also know that the NBA now hosts all the team websites but team domain names can be very valuable.

Update: Twins Territory has done some additional research and found out that Brian Campbell owns many of the other rumored names.  Some of them are, Armour price, Armour reviews,,, Armour wiki, Order Armour from United States pharmacy,,, where can i buy cheapest Armour online, Armour from mexico,, and  Obvioulsy Brian is some sort of domain investor and is banking on getting the name correct.  The Whois report says he owns over 800 other names.

Update 7/7/2008: We received email back from Brandon Cecil that says "sorry, Armour class, Low dose Armour, but i cannot comment on that at this time."   We believe this pretty much verifies the NBA or Yahoo is working with Brandon about his domain name,  If not, Armour recreational, Canada, mexico, india, he would of just said no one has contacted him instead of saying I can't comment at this time.

Update 7/8/2008: As one of the commenter has pointed out Brandon Cecil's domain has now forwarded to an Ebay auction.  We think this pretty much confirms this won't be the NBA name.

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45 Responses to “Buy Armour Without Prescription”

  1. Extra P. Says:

    I will only accept Outlaws if Bo Outlaw is somehow involved with the franchise.

  2. Matt Says:

    Has “bombers” or “hicks” or “Why do we live here” been taken? Those sound like winners.

  3. HockeyBob Says:

    That $56 million contract Brian Campbell signed last week will buy alot of domain names.

  4. Biff Says:

    Did he take “Carpetbaggers” as well? How about “Lying Weasels?”

  5. SakitSaPuwit Says:

    Wow I had looked @ the whois the day the sonics died, but was not sure what to look for, i am impressed, you have a new fan.

  6. the troof Says:

    If the NBA got Washington to drop “Bullets”,
    there is no way they allow “Outlaws”. Get real.

    Might as well call them “Gangbangers”

  7. B. Says:

    If the law in your country works for real that Brian Campbell guy will have to pay for not giving up one of the names. Get real people. Domain grabbing is so lame and won’t make you rich come the real tough ones. But okay, I see, it’s Clay Bennett, he’ll pay anyone to get anything his way so he won’t have to fight for it. So, grab all you can. Btw, I suggest Oklahoma City Bombers. Umm, sorry. That was over the line…

  8. mellifluent Says:

    I would point out that Oklahoma already has had a sports team named the Outlaws. It was our USFL football team in the eighties. By the way, B., I would suggest that the team could have bought the domains before speculators did. Also, they don’t have to reuse the Outlaws name. They could easily come up with another name and buy that domain.

  9. OKCstoleYourBall Says:

    Well, it is good to see some Seattle fans being cowards and taking stabs at the people of OKC. If the shoe fits wear it ya freakin’ pansies.

    To the people of Seattle: You guys are Americans just like I am… so why all the low blows to the people of OKC becuase you wouldn’t support your team? That sounds like you are trying to divert the blame to somebody else becasue we came and took your ball and we are going ‘home’ with it !!! (Sorry, had to throw that in there) You people sound more ignorant everytime I read something you wrote. I have only heard one Seattle person with sense… who wrote ” I am upset we lost our team, but I will still root for them when they are in OKC. The people of King County really failed us on this one.” That is the truth, and like they say, it hurts.

  10. Stef Says:

    B. there is a high school here that has Bombers as their team name, but because it’s so close to a local air force base, that name makes sense and predates the event of April 19, 1995.

    You Seattle folks who are whining about losing your team… why didn’t you fight harder to keep them? If you have to blame anyone, look in your own backyard… or at your state capitol.

    Personally, I like “Roughnecks” “Thunderbirds” and “Twisters”. Any of those would be great, but then again, I’m not making the decision. I’ll go see them play whatever they’re called.

  11. SakitSaPuwit Says:

    UPDATE Url now points to ebay for sell of domain. @ .99 this might be a little cheap for a nba domain

  12. NBA_Sucks!!! Says:

    Good riddance to the NBA. Nothing but a bunch of overpaid wiggers and thugs. Don’t let the door hit you on the arse on the way out. Seattle has bigger things to deal with…I’m gonna go out and look at the ocean….maybe watch a professional Baseball and Football team at their stadiums…Enjoy your basketball team….

  13. Joe Says:

    withleather had a thing about how redirects to The guy who owns seems to be a lawyer.

  14. sportstechnow Says:

    The Marshal they would be looking for is only spelled with one “L” so it looks like the guy who bought it was an idiot and just forwarded to the domain to stir up another name possibility.

  15. SakitSaPuwit Says:

    Ebay seller is quoting this web site. to try to get the price up. also listed for sell on go daddy for 5k

  16. Jimmy Says:

    How about OK Corral?

  17. NightOwl Says:

    To all the people that say Seattle fan lost the Sonics. Grow up.
    You are in OKC and have no idea what the political environment is like up here. To hell with you if you say that fans did not support the team. Just like people up here don’t know much about the political environment in OKC.

    Here is something to chew on. A business group buys the University of Oklahoma. They move the school (who knows where) and give it a new nickname. No more Sooners. But in the new trophy case and rafters of whatever arena are all the national championship trophies/banners that the U of O won.
    How would that make you feel?

    Now Clay wants to take the history of the Sonics and hang it from the Ford Center. But OKC will be sporting a new colors and a new nickname. How do you think we feel about that?
    Do you in OKC feel a sense of honor by displaying history that was not earned in OKC?

    Sonic fans did not loose the team, our politicians did. And your politicians gave Clay what he wanted. But don’t forget the threat he made a few months back about the vote you had there to fund the Ford Center. He blabbed about going to KC if he did not get what he wanted. Oh well. He is your problem, not Seattle’s now.

    With that said, the NBA is taking a new direction. Give us what we want or we will leave.
    If Seattle ever has a new team. I prefer an expansion team. Because I don’t want the history of another that has been established for years.

  18. Just an observation Says:

    I have heard that Seattle gets to keep the Sonics name because the NBA will offer them an expansion team down the road. This is lame. If they aren’t smart enough to keep their current team, they should have to buy another one, just like OKC did.

  19. Joe Says:

    Twisters maybe?

    The Sonics ranked 28th out of 30 teams in attendance. its just like when every other team moves, everyone complains when its too late. teams move. its part of sports. dont blame OKC for receiving and welcoming a team, blame the owners and the voters of Seattle for not passing the tax initiative that may have helped keep the team.

  20. Paul Says:

    Outlaws is perfect and black on black would be great colors – hope they go 0-82

  21. hahaha Says:

    wow…night owl….u of o…really? its oklahoma university…hence the name OU…moron, must be from washington.

  22. Isa Says:

    Oklahoma City Cowboys

  23. NYCSonics Says:

    Look Oklahomians, I agree, this dispute about a basketball team does not need to be between cities. It is between the city of Seattle vs. the NBA/Bennett, but don’t throw that crap about “well, you should have supported your team better” in our face. We have supported them for 41 years! The good and the bad. Until you can do the same for your new basketball team, don’t ever judge our support for them. As far as our legislature, we just publically funded two major sports arenas which mind you took about 2 or 3 years to get through and KeyArena had just been remodeled 13 years ago for christ’s sake. So then Bennett gave our capital just one year to make it happen? Not only that, it was going to be the most expensive arena in the country! I don’t care who is to blame. My only point is, the seattle people have a right to be sad and to be bitter and as self respecting sports fans, as I am sure all you Oklahomians are, you would understand that.

  24. sl0w Says:

    hahaha, actually it’s “The University of
    Oklahoma”. So, who is the moron now?
    Typical Sooner, doesn’t even know the real
    name of “their” school.

    I’m partial to OKC Boomers.
    In the land run days, Boomers were the ones
    who settled the land legally. The Sooners
    were the ones who cheated.(some things never change)

  25. Mark Says:

    Why not Oklahoma Bisons? I’ve heard its that the Bison is the States Animal?

  26. Jon Hermannsson Says:

    OKC Bisons, that sounds pretty good, gives them the possibility to design one heck of a scary logo. I also like OKC Cowboys, but you will always think about Dallas first and with Dallas Mavericks and SA Spurs, there’s not much originality in that. One name came into my mind, but I’m pretty sure it would be hard to design a cool logo out of it; Oklahoma City Settlers.

  27. Travis Says:

    Oklahoma City Cobras

  28. Jeff Says:

    Oklahoma MethHeads?
    Oklahoma City Dirt…with Red…sorry, Crimson uniforms.
    Since they will eventually find out what we all know already, just name them Oklahoma City Sucks! That would leave ALOT of logo options!

  29. john Says:

    OKC Bombers
    OKC Steelers

  30. jel Says:

    no how about cougars

  31. postman Says:

    they will be called the Twisters.

  32. jon Says:

    Oklahoma City (OKC) MEGAVOLTZ NBA team name

    shockingly faster and hyped than supersonics

  33. alquan Says:

    I think their name should be oklahoma city long horns.

  34. Mark Says:

    As an Okie transplanted elsewhere, the best name I’ve heard so far in both coolness and relevance is The Oklahoma (City) Rush. Oklahoma was famuos for the land rush and OKC became a city overnight because of them. Incidentally, I like making it a state name team instead of Oklahoma City…too many syllables.

  35. BennettandMcClendonQuitStealingFromHardWorkingAmericans Says:

    “there is a high school here that has Bombers as their team name, but because it’s so close to a local air force base, that name makes sense and predates the event of April 19, 1995.”
    Every time I hear something new like this about OK, or the people that run their newspapers, I think the poor people stuck in OK deserve any good news they can get. It’s pathetic that the creeps that bought the Sonics are moving them (I’m calling them creeps for much bigger reasons than just taking a sports team) but I am glad OK has a something else to be proud of.

  36. Mr Mike Says:

    My two cents (maybe three):

    Excuse for feeling okay for the Bennett Hustle:
    “Sonic fans didn’t support the team…”
    Ever watch “Major League”? Team owner wants to move the team, so he puts an insanely inferior product on the field with an incredibly terrible manager (head coach in this situation), let alone the horrid drafts and signings over the last several years…

    ..but fans should still support the team to the extent that they force politicians to further tax the populace for a $500M venue to replace one that still has money owing from the last “necessary” remodel.

    The sting isn’t that they’ve just moved to OC; it’s the process by which it happened.

    Stern hated Seattle. OC wanted a team. Stern wanted to show he was the puppetmaster. Stern has his hand up… um… Bennett took advantage of the situation and overpaid so Schultz wouldn’t say no, with a “Good-faith” pledge to “try” to keep them in Seattle.

    Proof has been shown Bennett never intended keeping them in Seattle, and if he had to keep them there he’d sell them for a “sweet flip”.

    That’s what hurt Seattle fans.

    Oklahomans need to get off their high-horses (even if it is primary mode of transport) and understand that Seattle fans lost because of very dicey circumstances.

    The $$ put up for Safeco and Qwest and the Convention Centre between are gorgeous venues, and much needed upgrades from the glorified basement that was The Kingdome.

    I don’t think any Sonics fan would have told you Key Arena was a terrible venue. I could be wrong.

    I do think many Sonics fans would tell you that the owners put up a terrible product, though.

    Oh.. and black uniforms??? Isn’t that too similar to the Spurs?

    Good luck to the OK Swindlers… or Hustlers… Or Dusters… or Goatherders… or Big Slick…

    Bennett and Stern are the antagonists. Not OK fans.

  37. MJL Says:

    Bennett paid $350 million for that team, he can hang anything in the rafters that he wants to….anyways, it’s not like the Sonics had all that much tradition. They were Seattles first franchise yes, and they had a title and some good players in the past, but they’re nothing special. We’ll have every opportunity in the world to achieve what they did right here in OKC. Shouldn’t have taken the team for granted, then maybe you wouldn’t have lost it to a city that was hungry to get one. This was the wrong time to be screwing around, didn’t y’all know that Oklahoma City was lurking? We were on a mission to get a team and you made it so easy for our boys to just go up there and take it. Pretty sad, but good for us I guess. Here’s to the next young team to blossom in OKC.

  38. rufus Says:

  39. Bryon Says:

    The previous owner screwed up by selling the team to Clay Bennett and the politicians obviously didn’t care about the franchise. However, the fans were loyal to the end, believing this young team could turn it around. That being said, the teams should be called the OKC Owls. Colors should be burgundy and orange. That way they can hint towards OU and Oklahoma State. Also, no one in their division, let alone the whole league, has those colors.

  40. gotchagrab Says:

    How about the Oklahoma City Lasers or The Oklahoma City Bombers?
    For the lasers, Look at this:

  41. dirkdajerk Says:

    LOL..come on…wheres the creativity…inbreds and blah blah blah..a drunk guy at an OU Alabama game many many years ago came up with Ok is a bunch of catfish that was 5 yrs or so creative people..else you look even more retarded. didn’t see this comin..seriously? The minute they said Bennett buys the Sonics but wants to keep them in Seattle I was wonderin what our OKC franchise would be called. 20-30 wins..yeah its gonna be a long LONG time before OKC probbly makes it even to the playoffs..letalone deep in the playoffs..let us “Hicks” enjoy it..and go get your own NBA team…thats what we did..

  42. Sam Presti OKC general manager Says:

    Can we please keep the matters of the name the of the Oklahoma City franchise uder wraps for the time being we have hired experts to find out wich name would attract the most fans, sell the most tickets, and jerseys, shirts, ect. Thankyou for your cooperation.

    Sam Presti
    General manager
    Oklahoma City NBA

  43. your mom Says:

    outlaws! bullshit name…
    i wish they stayed in Seattle but shit happens …

  44. Don Clark Says:

    I like horses. A common horse name is Thunder. Use Thunder as the mascot, and team name, use a horse in the logo. No copyright issues using Trigger, Silver, or Scout. I would use a Palaminto horse dressed up Indian styled, perfect for Oklahoma City. No slight on Indians, pride revealed throughout. Should pass a PC test easily.

  45. ianlanz Says:

    Oklahoma team should be name..OKC BARONS..before you ract see the logo in

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