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Website:  Sports Mates

Interview With:  Blair Cummins

Clindamycin Gel For Sale, Is their more then one founder. Generic Clindamycin Gel, If so, who are they?

There are two founders: Richard Austin and myself, get Clindamycin Gel. Discount Clindamycin Gel, What are your backgrounds and qualifications?

Both Richard and I have been involved with online sports media for a number of years. We were retained by Terra Lycos in 2001 to build the official website of Anna Kournikova and have worked on projects for clients such as Nike/Manchester United and SFX Sports, doses Clindamycin Gel work. Order Clindamycin Gel no prescription, Richard was one of the founders of (now and, the two largest online professional tennis fan communities in the world, Clindamycin Gel steet value, Clindamycin Gel for sale, and was also hired as a consultant to in its first incarnation to help develop its tennis content channel.

Our full bios are available at, Clindamycin Gel For Sale.

What does your website do?

SportsMates is a social networking service that is focused on connecting sports fans around their favorite sports, effects of Clindamycin Gel, Clindamycin Gel online cod, leagues, teams and players, canada, mexico, india. Clindamycin Gel without prescription, Our social networking platform has the following features:

- Member profiles.
- Internal email, buy cheap Clindamycin Gel no rx. Kjøpe Clindamycin Gel på nett, köpa Clindamycin Gel online, - Message boards. Clindamycin Gel For Sale, - Photo galleries.
- Clubs (including user-created clubs), Clindamycin Gel pharmacy. Buy Clindamycin Gel online cod, - Blog aggregation.
- Link directories, Clindamycin Gel price, coupon. Ordering Clindamycin Gel online, - Search.
- Live chat, Clindamycin Gel For Sale.

How have your marketed your site?

We have not engaged in much "traditional" marketing, online buying Clindamycin Gel. Clindamycin Gel from canada, Instead, we have chosen to recruit or acquire existing online sports communities or properties and to migrate their communities onto SportsMates, Clindamycin Gel class. Taking Clindamycin Gel, For instance, is one of the most popular fan sites for the Independiente soccer club in Argentina, Clindamycin Gel long term. Where can i order Clindamycin Gel without prescription, When we launched PorDeporte (, our Spanish-language sports social network, cheap Clindamycin Gel, Clindamycin Gel samples, we arranged for their 19,000+ member community to move to PorDeporte (, Clindamycin Gel maximum dosage.

Clindamycin Gel For Sale, How do you generate revenue. Low dose Clindamycin Gel, If through ads, what ad network do you use?

We generate revenue in three ways:

1, buy Clindamycin Gel without a prescription. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, The sale of advertising and sponsorships. Example: K-Swiss is the lead sponsor of and its community on SportsMates (, purchase Clindamycin Gel. Clindamycin Gel pics, 2. Services, Clindamycin Gel For Sale. Example: We host Gillette's official community for the Gillette Young Guns NASCAR drivers on SportsMates (, cheap Clindamycin Gel no rx. Clindamycin Gel reviews, 3. We are in the process of finalizing agreements to handle advertising sales and business development for other online sports properties/communities, online buying Clindamycin Gel hcl. Clindamycin Gel over the counter, In everything we do, our primary goal is to connect advertisers, sponsors and other sports industry players with fans in ways that are meaningful to all parties. Clindamycin Gel For Sale, We use Google AdSense in some places and are preparing to fill remnant inventory with ads from one or more ad networks but thus far, we are most interested in dealing directly with advertisers and sponsors so that we can develop campaigns that go beyond the traditional CPM/CPC models.


We have been primarily self-funded but did take a small amount of funding from the company's outside director more than a year ago.

Are you currently looking for funding?

We are currently exploring the possibility of raising capital.

What type(s) of technology do you use?

SportsMates is built on a proprietary social networking platform that we developed from scratch. It is built on PHP and PostgreSQL and we're using open-source technologies like memcached for performance and scaling.

What is your favorite feature on your website?

The message boards, Clindamycin Gel For Sale. We became involved with sports media back when the message board was the "social network" and message board communities are still one of the most popular ways sports fans connect and communicate online.

Because of this, we have made a considerable effort to make sure that our message board functionality is second-to-none. You can see the level of customization that we permit on some of the communities I linked to above.

Any Bold Predictions for Sports and Technology in the future?

While I wouldn't call this a bold prediction, I would note that the business of sport, like so many industries, is going through considerable change. Markets are fragmented and fans are often more difficult to reach and retain. I believe that companies who understand this and who can successfully help entities in the sports industry leverage technology to deal with these changes have the best opportunity for success.

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