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Website: Fanboom

Interview With: Thomas Caporaso

What is your background and qualifications? Wellbutrin SR For Sale, I am a seasoned online marketer with loyalty, continuity, subscription and membership experience.  My specialties include online member generation, product development, SEM/SEO, e-commerce, and new partner generation.  I have built programs for many leading brands like AIG, Victoria's Secret, AAA, Citibank and AOL to help them either acquire, retain, or monetize their customer base. Wellbutrin SR from mexico, I am also a passionate sports fan and follow many different teams and sports

What does your website do?

FanBoom puts the power of sports information in your hands. At FanBoom you can track all of your favorite teams, fast shipping Wellbutrin SR, Wellbutrin SR schedule, and writers (national and local), read the best of the sports blogs, Wellbutrin SR canada, mexico, india, Wellbutrin SR price, and interact with robust community of fans of your favorite teams. Our goal is to build a portal of sports information that serve up Your Sports, Wellbutrin SR pictures, Wellbutrin SR coupon, Your Way, so you won't have to go anywhere else, buy Wellbutrin SR without prescription. Wellbutrin SR mg, How do you generate revenue. If through ads, what ad network do you use?

Our site currently generates revenue through ads.  We recently signed a deal to be in the Burst Media network.  We are also working with other solo sponsors, Wellbutrin SR For Sale.

How have your marketed your site?

We have created a blog network (blogs.FanBoom.com) that currently has six different sports (basketball, Wellbutrin SR images, Wellbutrin SR photos, baseball, football, Wellbutrin SR blogs, Is Wellbutrin SR safe, soccer, nascar, Wellbutrin SR without a prescription, Wellbutrin SR dangers, and hockey).  We also posts many of our articles to the large sports focused blog networks.  Many of these posts have generated significant organic traffic for us. Killerstartups.com also did a great review of our site, buy Wellbutrin SR online no prescription. Where can i cheapest Wellbutrin SR online, Funding: Self funded, Angel Investment, buying Wellbutrin SR online over the counter, Is Wellbutrin SR addictive, or Venture Capital?

We recently received a very small round of Angel investment

Are you currently looking for funding?

We are currently looking to help fund our marketing plans.

What type(s) of technology do you use?

Ruby on Rails

What is your favorite feature on your website?

My Boom – a very easy point and click menu that allows you to pick your sports and team so you only get the news related to the teams that you want to read about each day, Wellbutrin SR gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Wellbutrin SR natural, If you ran Espn, Cbssports, Wellbutrin SR no prescription, Buy no prescription Wellbutrin SR online, Cnnsi, etc, real brand Wellbutrin SR online, Order Wellbutrin SR online overnight delivery no prescription, besides your website what sports website would you acquire?

I would focus on the team specific blogs that are written by passionate fans.  One of our strategies is to build out our blog network by working with these team specific blogs.  We like the angle that a passionate fan writes from which ultimately drives comments and feedback from people who read it. 

That back and forth discussion is what sports is all about.

Any Bold Predictions for Sports and Technology in the future?

Yes – sports news and information will be completely managed by the consumer.  Sports fans don't want to be spoon fed lots of irrelevant content, no prescription Wellbutrin SR online, Wellbutrin SR dosage, they want to have a deep and wide view of the teams that they follow.  We plan to be at the forefront of that conversion and completely hand over the keys to that content to the consumer who can do with it what they want. Wellbutrin SR trusted pharmacy reviews. Buy generic Wellbutrin SR. Wellbutrin SR results. Wellbutrin SR brand name. Buy Wellbutrin SR from canada. Herbal Wellbutrin SR. Rx free Wellbutrin SR. Australia, uk, us, usa.

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