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  Blog Sport Unique Visitors January 3 Month Rank Jan

Absolute Unique Visitors

1 Deadspin All Sports 204560 1383 1190000
2 The Big Lead All Sports 67513 60371 429949
3 Barstool Sports All Sports 117064 36217 702384
4 MLB Trade Rumors MLB 100850 30393 605100
5 With Leather All Sports 98987 27024 593922
6 Sports By Brooks All Sports 84449 26426 506694
7 Kissing Suzy Kolber* Football   71663 0
8 Awful Announcing* All Sports   90886 0
9 Fan Blogs College Football 43039 198156 258234
10 Need 4 Sheed NBA 9932 160197 175697
11 Bad Jocks All Sports 31740 218225 190440
12 Burnt Orange Nation College Football 30529 151903 183174
13 Mets Blog MLB 30432 48716 182592
14 The 700 Level All Sports 27265 219917 163590
15 EDSBS College Football 25588 107935 153528
16 Busted Coverage Football 24207 177547 145242
17 Football Outsiders NFL 19857 83915 119142
18 Biaxin For Sale, Mr. Irrelevant All Sports 18764 219926 112584
19 Can't Stop The Bleeding All Sports 18125 216132 108750
20 Joe Sports Fan All Sports 12425 281484 95426
21 Minor League Ball MLB 16698 113982 100188
22 Fire Joe Morgan MLB 10778 135791 74301
23 Dan Shanoff All Sports 11858 252794 71148
24 Baseball Musings MLB 11742 249317 45946
25 Golden State of Mind NBA 11407 111337 68442

*Kissing Suzy Kolber is hosted at and, Biaxin steet value. Biaxin from mexico, Most of their traffic goes to the blogspot address so we used that address for stats. The same is true for Awful Announcing.

We now have a new column and this column tracks Absolute Unique Visitors.  This is the number of new people that come to a given website in that month.  The black underlined numbers are real actual numbers and we give those numbers more weight.  That is why The Big Lead is ranked second instead of some of the other higher projected blogs.  The regular numbers are estimates we calculated based off of the number and the actual unique numbers we do have.  For those of you that didn't provide us with actual numbers hopefully you can provide those in the future.

After looking at the rankings a few things stick out to us.  The first is the Need 4 Sheed's huge Absolute Unique Number.  They are bringing in a ton of traffic and is way off on their number.  I have a feeling that this is because less tech inclined people that would use the Compete Toolbar tend not to be Need 4 Sheed Fans.  The second thing we noticed is Busted Coverage was able to keep their traffic around after the blogger tournament in December.  Great work Guys.  The last item we thought was interesting was Bar Stool Sports jumping from 48, Biaxin images, Biaxin price, coupon, 381 Compete Uniques last month to 117,064 this month.  We're not sure how that happened but they must be doing a quality job over there.

As always please inform us if you think you should be on the list.  For the bloggers on the list grab this badge, about Biaxin, Biaxin coupon, link to the post, and put it up on your site to show your readers where you stand:


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