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Website: dallas cowboys header image

Interview with: Kelly Horn

When did you start Lone Star Struck? Buy Imitrex Without Prescription, The website kicked off in November of 2006. Imitrex cost, What made you start it?

I had created a Dallas Cowboys fan site on Myspace, and it became very popular, where can i order Imitrex without prescription, Rx free Imitrex, very fast, and led me to create a website, order Imitrex online c.o.d. Imitrex for sale, What is your background?

I have a Bachelor’s of Art Degree in Graphic Design and currently work at a local newspaper as the Production Manager.
Do you blog for fun or are you trying to make it a career, Imitrex class. Order Imitrex online overnight delivery no prescription, What is your goal with this blog?

Currently it is just for fun and out of love for the team. As it is, it consumes a lot of time, but I call it my stress relief and enjoy it very much, Buy Imitrex Without Prescription. My dream is to make it my career, doses Imitrex work, My Imitrex experience, although I’d never want to do it ‘just for the money’.

What was your tipping point, Imitrex interactions. Buy Imitrex online no prescription, What put you on the map?

I’d like to give credit to the great season the Dallas Cowboys are having this year. I also believe adding more writers with different styles and personalities helped a great deal, Imitrex over the counter.
What type of blogging software do you use?

Movable Type

What ad network(s) do you use?

Google AdSense and LinkShare

How much money do you make off your site monthly?

Not nearly enough to quit my day job ;)

Buy Imitrex Without Prescription, If you could get something for free to help you out with your blog, what would it be. Order Imitrex no prescription, (Ex: design, marketing, Imitrex dose, Imitrex steet value, ad optimization, etc)

I would be interested in learning more about Advertising and Marketing, comprar en línea Imitrex, comprar Imitrex baratos. Australia, uk, us, usa, What are some of your favorite blogs and what are some of your least favorite blogs?, and to name a few

I prefer fan opinionated blogs, no prescription Imitrex online. Is Imitrex addictive, There are tons of them out there that just report the news, but the ones who share their perspective really get my attention, Imitrex dangers. Imitrex gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Any bold predictions for the future of sports on the internet?

I believe that sports on the internet will one day mimic the growth of internet shopping, but not until the blogosphere attracts more talented and educated writers, Imitrex used for. Most sports fans do not take information they read on sports blogs seriously, and rightfully so, Buy Imitrex Without Prescription. After Imitrex, Too many bloggers create their own rumors and falsely report sports news. You even have a few of the bigger bloggers who actually establish quotas or set goals of 15 or more posts per day, Imitrex pictures. Imitrex schedule, They do this to garner more hits and page views, but the reality is that they litter the web with poor quality posts, Imitrex use, Imitrex blogs, inaccurate information, and junk, effects of Imitrex. What is Imitrex, Once we start to become more organized, ethical and professional, online buying Imitrex hcl, Order Imitrex from mexican pharmacy, you can really see sports sites making a huge impact.

STN's Take: Buy Imitrex Without Prescription, As one can tell Kelly knows her stuff. It's great to see that her site started out as a My Space page, Imitrex long term. Imitrex pharmacy, It can be tough these days to start a website out of nothing and having a community to start it with can really help out. Kelly has some great experience being that she is a graphic design person and a production manager for a newspaper shows she wants to have integrity on her site, purchase Imitrex. Imitrex trusted pharmacy reviews, Plus the site is designed extremely well. We like that she has been able to bring in some other writers and the quality of content is very solid, Buy Imitrex Without Prescription.

She says she doesn't want to do it for the money and she is definitely missing out on some. Pretty much all his ads are buried. We think she could make some more money by being consistent on his sidebar on the main page and individual posts. If she moved an Adsense ad up to the top left and put an adsense ad at the end of each post, they would become much more visible and garner more clicks.

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6 Responses to “Buy Imitrex Without Prescription”

  1. Byron Says:

    Kelly is Awesome, Her site very informative and up to date She does a wonderful job of making things interesting and fun on Her web site, which I believe will have one of the biggest fan base’s of any Football teams fan sites going today not just the Dallas Cowboys any of them! if Jerry Jones was smart He would have Her site be a part of Dallas Cowboys official Web page.

  2. Miranda Says:

    Her sight is awesome, she has the coolest graphics and stuff. The information is very informative, the writers that she has on her team always come up with great stuff to write about!!
    **** I give it 4 stars!!

  3. Raina Says:

    Starstruck is the best site I have found.
    Kelly’s graphics are fantastic! The staff
    is growing every week and adds alot of
    personality to the site.

  4. Barb Says:

    Kelly has the best Sports blog and website on MySpace.
    Her continues to improve weekly with new & interesting writers. She spent the entire last two seasons, and the off-seasons as well, creating graphics for the Fans to use (for free) and she does it all purely from her Love & Passion for The Dallas Cowboys.
    All the work that Kelly has put into this site comes from her heart.
    I am in Awe of her talent, vision and her communications skills and it’s been a huge Joy for me to see her site continue to grow.
    I am in total agreement with Byron, that it would be most deserving, if Jerry Jones was to ever have Kelly contribute to the official Dallas Cowboy Web-Site. I can honestly say that I have visited the official Dallas Cowboy Web-Site every now and again but I continue to return to Kelly’s website daily. She has inspired me to consider re-focusing my life on what it is I love to do and then find a way to do it for fun if not for a living. I am forever her life-long fan.

  5. TxShelbyTx Says:

    I LOVE LoneStarStruck!

  6. bubble Says:


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