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Interview With: Chris Mottram

When did you get started in the blogging business and how did it happen? Buy Cipro Without Prescription, I was first introduced to sports blogging when I started at AOL as in intern for their first sports radio show the summer of ’04. They had recently launched AOL Journals, Cipro recreational, Cipro interactions, and by “journals” they really meant “blogs.” My brother, Jamie Mottram, Cipro from mexico, Is Cipro addictive, had started Mr. Irrelevant about that same time, order Cipro no prescription, Cipro brand name, so he encouraged me to start a blog of my own. At the time, Cipro duration, Where to buy Cipro, I had never heard the word “blog” before, but I knew I loved writing, real brand Cipro online, Buy Cipro from mexico, and it was an outlet, so I started Show Me Your Blog (later called Saved By the Blog), cheap Cipro. Online buy Cipro without a prescription, I never imaged starting that blog would lead me to the point where I could make a profession out of it.

When did you start Saved By the Blog and when did you move over to Mr, Buy Cipro Without Prescription. Irrelevant?

I suppose the previous response takes care of the first part of this question, buy cheap Cipro. Cipro forum, Jamie and I joined forces at Mr. Irrelevant last summer, generic Cipro. Buy Cipro online cod, We were both at the point where we had decent sized audiences, and were posting everyday, Cipro description, Online buying Cipro, so it just seemed like a natural fit to join forces (and start actually turning a profit). Buy Cipro Without Prescription, Plus, we both wanted to get off of AOL Journals (let’s just say it’s not the best blogging product around), so we re-launched using Wordpress. For the record (and I’m not getting paid to say this): We love Wordpress, ordering Cipro online. Cipro reviews, It’s highly recommended.

When did you start with Sporting News?

I started at in October of ‘07, Cipro long term. Cipro pharmacy, I guess that thoroughly answers your question in the least interesting – yet most direct – way possible.

How did Sporting News contact you or did you contact them?

While I was still at AOL last summer, I was contacted by Shawn Schrager who was already in Charlotte working for as their Director of Programming and Product Development, Buy Cipro Without Prescription. We had previously worked together at AOL on “Sports Bloggers Live, Cipro results, Order Cipro from United States pharmacy, ” which was a blogger-driven pod/webcast hosted by my brother and me. SN was looking for someone to take charge of their blog content, low dose Cipro. Cipro for sale, I was lucky enough to be that someone.

Was there any negotiation with Sporting News or did they basically offer you the job and you said "I'll take it"?

There were some negotiations, Cipro trusted pharmacy reviews. Buy Cipro Without Prescription, I demanded one million dollars. Rx free Cipro, They offered $7.50/hour. We settled on an amount somewhere in between, order Cipro online c.o.d. Purchase Cipro online no prescription, Does a Sporting News editor monitor your content or do they just let you do it on your own?

I do it on my own, but I can feel them watching my every move, australia, uk, us, usa. Cipro gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Not that I’m paranoid or anything.

Did they give you any strict rules like what you can link to or what you can show?

I don’t think I can post anything that includes the words “f@#$, shit, coc$ or balls.” Other than that, I’m free to link to any sites as long as it’s not porn or whatever, Buy Cipro Without Prescription. Although if it’s something basic – like an AP story – I’m encouraged to use the URL instead of, Cipro dosage, Cipro natural, say, linking to, Cipro no rx.

Is Sporting News giving you a marketing budget?  If so, what kinds of marketing are you doing?

The only marketing I’ve done involves me begging other sites for links.

It looks like you have a few different writers from around the blogosphere, are they just paid per article?

I’m not at liberty to say what our pay structure is. Get me drunk and I’d probably tell you though.

Any advice for a young sports blogger trying to get started?

I was asked a similar question in an interview I did with The Big Picture Buy Cipro Without Prescription, . The best advice I could give is just post often. And don’t be lame. Or boring. Or think you’re smarter than the average sports fan, ‘cause you’re not. Take it easy on anything resembling “analysis.” Leave that to the idiots on ESPN, Buy Cipro Without Prescription.

In the end though, I think there are just certain people who understand what sort of content makes for a good sports blog. I realized this the other day when someone complimented me (I think) by saying – and this is the exact quote -- “Yo man, I'm seriously not trying to kiss your ass or anything, but you Mottrams do a fantastic job of blogging. It's not rocket science to find interesting shit (I do think you have to have an eye for it) but how come so many people fu&$ing suck at blogging?” To which I responded, “Sadly, the talent God gave me was blogging.”

Any bold predictions for the future of sports on the internet?

Less words, more moving pictures.

Is it tough being the younger brother of Jamie Mottram?

Yeah, it’s a real bummer. Buy Cipro Without Prescription, I have a white collar job that I happen to love, health care, all my limbs and digits, and a 47-inch HDTV waiting for me at home. Life is horrible.

STN's Take:

If you're a sports blog reader and not anti-establishment, you should be reading the Sporting Blog on a daily basis.  They have a great collection of writers over there to keep you entertained.  It is great to see someone like Chris work his way up the ladder to the position he is in today.  I think it gives all sports bloggers hope out there and shows that internships with media organizations are the way to go.

We do have a few suggestions for the Sporting Blog.  The first is that they should still have a blog roll.  We know its probably Sporting News not allowing it but we think it would give much more validity to the blog.  How can Chris go out and ask for links when he can't give any back.  Is it really going to hurt Sporting News that much to have a few outgoing links on their blog?  The answer is No.  The second suggestion would be to work WordPress in as the Sporting News Blogging Platform.   Chris already loves Wordpress so we think he would agree.  There are too many benefits to pass up.  The New York Times and CNN do it so no newspaper has any excuse.

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